Speech Pathology Kent

Speech Pathology Kent


We, at Rock Therapeutic Services offer professional speech pathology services for Kent, WA children, families and adults who are struggling with communication problems. Our team is dedicated to providing you with comfortable and unique solutions for speech and language problems. As a licensed speech pathologist, Kent residents can count on us for comprehensive and personalized treatment plans.

Communication and swallowing problems are not only difficult, but can also lower the self-esteem of a person. Our speech pathology Kent experts work closely with you to help you regain your lost confidence and boost your communication skills. Reach out to us for our Kent speech pathology services as we offer:

  • Speech therapy for kids
  • Speech therapy for adults
  • Speech therapy at home
  • Private speech therapy

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Speech Pathologist Kent


Finding a professional and experienced speech pathologist Kent is important when you want visible and sustainable results. We understand this, which is why we ensure that you get the best possible care from our experts. When you come looking for our speech pathology Kent services, we assess and diagnose the speech and language problems with attention to details.

Timely intervention of a speech pathologist Kent is important as your child may feel left out. This can affect them mentally and emotionally. You can count on us as we are committed to improving the speech of your child. Our speech pathologist Kent uses time-tested techniques that are highly effective, such as:

  • Tongue thrust therapy
  • Language therapy
  • Articulation therapy
  • Group speech therapy

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Speech Therapist Kent


Wondering, ‘who is the best speech language pathologist near me?’. If yes, then your search ends with us when looking for a dependable speech therapist Kent. Whether your loved one is having trouble putting together words or stuttering and swallowing, we can help you. All you have to do is call us for a consultation with our Kent speech therapist.

With our years of experience, our Kent speech therapist and strong team will work to give you the best speech and language therapy available. From adults to pediatric or geriatric speech therapy, we are qualified to work with anyone encountering speech problems. Let us help you improve your speech and communication problems properly. Choose our speech therapist Kent for speech, language and swallowing problems like:

  • Articulation
  • Stuttering
  • Autism
  • Apraxia of speech

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