Speech Impediments Renton

Speech Impediments Renton


Since 2004, Rock Therapeutic Services has been helping parents of children with speech impediments in Renton, WA through speech and language pathology services.

Fluency issues such as speaking with a lisp or stutter are not really taken very seriously when the children are small. Indeed, many kids do overcome the stutter and develop fluency as they grow up. There are, however, many others whose Renton speech impediments continue into adolescence or adulthood.

We offer stutter and articulation treatment at our facility for individuals struggling with speech impediments Renton. Our speech-language pathologists are experienced at dealing with such problems and can be trusted for the most appropriate and effective treatment of Renton speech impediments.

Come straight to us if you or a loved one is troubled by the following:

  • Speech disorders
  • Expressive language impairments
  • Speech impairments
  • Speech problems

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Stutter Renton


Stutter Renton is not a sign of any learning or comprehension disability. Stutter is not a language disorder and does not interfere with the capacity of a person to learn a language. The problems caused by stutter in Renton are associated with the ability to express or articulate thoughts, knowledge, and feelings.

Such speech impediments tend to cause embarrassment. Many individual who struggle with stutter Renton experience low self-esteem and unease in social situations. We strive to make life easier for them by treating their Renton stutter problem and improving their oral fluency. The therapists at our facility use well-thought-out intervention programs to treat these issues:

  • Stammering
  • Toddler stuttering
  • Stuttering in children
  • Stuttering in adults

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Fluency Renton


We offer treatment for all types of issues with fluency Renton. No matter how severe a stutter problem you or your loved one has, our experts will do their best to help you achieve the speech fluency or conversational fluency Renton that you desire.

Our speech-language pathologists develop customized treatment plans for their clients with Renton fluency disorder. We take into consideration the age of the individual as well as severity and, if possible, cause of the stutter to make sure of providing the best possible Renton fluency treatment.

Talk to us today to schedule a consultation with our qualified and seasoned speech language pathologists for the following:

  • Oral reading fluency improvement
  • Sentence fluency enhancement
  • Stammering treatment
  • Stuttering treatment

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