Speech Impediments Maple Valley

Speech Impediments Maple Valley


Not all childhood speech impediments in Maple Valley, WA and elsewhere are taken seriously. A lisp or stutter in small kids is often considered ‘cute’ and the children are expected to outgrow it soon.

Sadly, this does not always happen. Many children continue with stutter and other Maple Valley speech impediments well into their teens or even adult life. At Rock Therapeutic Services, we advise people to take all types of speech impediments Maple Valley seriously and get professional help with these early on.

We offer specialized treatment for Maple Valley speech impediments at our therapy center. Stutter, lisp, articulation problem and apraxia are some common speech impediments that our experts can help with.

Visit us as soon as possible if your child or grown family member has:

  • •Speech problems
  • Speech defects
  • Expressive language disorders
  • Speech disorders
  • Speech sound disorders

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Stutter Maple Valley


A problem interfering with oral fluency, stutter Maple Valley can be quite frustrating. Stuttering or stammering is complex and can affect speech in several different ways.

People with Maple Valley stutter issues have difficulty in articulating what they want to say. Some of those who stutter prolong a single sound in a word, while others repeat a syllable or part of a word. Maple Valley stutter problem may involve difficulty in starting a word or sentence or pauses within a word or sentence.

We offer therapy and interventions for all types of stutter Maple Valley issues. Our capabilities include treatment of:

  • •Toddler stuttering
  • Stammering in adults
  • Developmental stuttering
  • Psychogenic stuttering
  • Neurogenic stuttering

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Fluency Maple Valley


The kids or adults who stutter and are looking desperately for effective treatment to improve speaking fluency Maple Valley have finally reached the right place! We have been providing fluency therapy at our therapy center since 2004, and have proven our skills through successful stuttering treatment of numerous clients.

Look no further than us if you want to get rid of your stutter or have a loved one who needs Maple Valley fluency therapy. We develop customized treatment plans to help each patient achieve spoken fluency Maple Valley.

Our speech-language pathologists study the reason for the Maple Valley fluency issues. They also consider the severity of the problem to determine the right treatment for improving:

  • Oral reading fluency
  • Speech fluency
  • Sentence fluency
  • Conversational fluency

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