Receptive Language

Receptive Language Maple Valley

receptive language

Receptive/Expressive Language Disorder: Speech-Language Pathologists don’t only work on specific speech sounds, they also focus on improving receptive and expressive language.

Receptive language delays affect a childs ability to understand spoken and/or written language.  They may have difficulty following directions, processing information and organizing their thoughts, which impacts their ability to communicate with others.

An expressive language disorder is when an individual is having difficulty with their ability to effectively express their thoughts.  This may impact their ability to communicate their wants or needs, along with their ability to comment on everyday activities.

Expressive Language Maple Valley

Language Development Activities:

  • Read/look at books with large, simple and colorful pictures. Name objects and actions as you go through the book.

  • During daily routines, talk about the actions taking place.  Use short, simple words of sentences when talking and emphasize key words.

  • Encourage your child to communicate their wants and needs during daily routines.

For kids with word retrieval difficulties give the child a cue such as providing them with the initial sound of the word or it rhymes with _____.
Based off of the individual child’s needs at Rock Therapeutic Services we are able to complete standardized and non-standardized assessments in order to generate a comprehensive treatment plan to address your child’s needs.