Reading Disorders Renton

Reading Disorders Renton


Life can be tough for parents of children with reading disorders in Renton, WA. Besides being a big obstruction in normal academic studies, reading impairment can even lead to poor social skills, low self-confidence, and behavior problems.

At Rock Therapeutic Services. we offer specialized services for treatment of Renton reading disorders. Founded in 2004, our therapy center works with individuals with wide-ranging speech, language, communication, feeding, behavioral, and anxiety issues. Diagnosis and management of reading disorders Renton are among our capabilities.

There is no known cause for reading disorders in Renton or elsewhere, and research has associated these with inability of the brain to recognize/decipher language and sound aspects of the printed word. This manifests as the following:

  • Fluency issues
  • Slow reading
  • Poor word recognition
  • Reading processing disorder
  • Comprehension disability

We use several techniques or therapies for controlling and managing reading disorders.

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Writing Disorders Renton


Our speech-language pathologists and therapists are also trained at helping children with writing disorders Renton. Writing disorders refer to problems occurring in awareness, understanding, and production of language. Renton writing disorders can happen at the syllable, word, sentence, or discourse level.

Many parents fail to recognize writing disorders Renton in their children at the early stages, believing the poor written or expression skills to be a temporary phase the kids will outgrow.

We design customized intervention programs for treatment of Renton writing disorders in the children who come to us. You can trust us for the best-suited approach for managing the symptoms your child shows of these issues:

  • Writing disability
  • Written expression disorder
  • Disorder of written expression
  • Written language disorder
  • Dysgraphia

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Dyslexia Renton


Are you searching for experienced professionals known for providing effective help in overcoming dyslexia Renton? Well, you need not look any further.

We have proven pros at our therapy center for Renton dyslexia assessment and treatment. A learning disorder that is also called reading disability, dyslexia affects the part of brain that processes language.

Individuals in Renton with dyslexia have normal intelligence, but experience issues in correct identification of speech sounds and their association with words or letters.

We advise you to bring in your child for early identification and testing for dyslexia Renton. Our therapists are adept at treating:

  • Dyslexia in children
  • Severe or mild dyslexia
  • Verbal dyslexia
  • Math dyslexia
  • Auditory dyslexia

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