Reading Disorders Issaquah

Reading Disorders Issaquah


People with reading disorders in Issaquah, WA who are looking for professionals who specialize in treatment of this specific learning disability can stop the search right here!

The multitude of conditions treated by Rock Therapeutic Services includes writing disorders and reading disorders Issaquah. Children with reading disorders have trouble with word recognition and comprehension.

By causing significant impairment of reading accuracy, speed and understanding, Issaquah reading disorders interfere with academic progress and other routine activities of the patients who are otherwise not lacking in intelligence.

The certified and experienced speech-language pathologists at our facility are the right choice for treatment of Issaquah reading disorders. Come to us if your child is showing symptoms of:

  • Reading comprehension disability
  • Learning disability
  • Alexia
  • Hyperlexia
  • Developmental dyslexia

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Writing Disorders Issaquah


We also diagnose and treat writing disorders Issaquah. Also referred to as dysgraphia, writing disorders Issaquah affect the writing process and output.

Children with a writing disability have serious issues with their spelling, composition and handwriting. They may write slowly, with misspelled words, unorganized or incoherent sentences and poor penmanship.

Issaquah writing disorders are often found along with other learning disabilities. Parents are advised to consult proven professionals like us when they observe slower than normal pickup of writing skills by their children.

Our speech and language therapists carry out a comprehensive evaluation of all patients to ensure an accurate diagnosis of Issaquah writing disorders. We take care to rule out similar or comorbid conditions before getting started with the treatment of:

  • Written language disorder
  • Written expression disorder
  • Writing learning disability
  • Written output disorder

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Dyslexia Issaquah


Do you have a child with dyslexia Issaquah? Contact us. Another name for a reading disability, dyslexia creates reading difficulties because the individual is unable to recognize the letters/words correctly and identify speech sounds.

Issaquah dyslexia in children affects the area of the brain that processes language. Prevention or complete cure of this disorder is not possible. However, experts like us can help manage Issaquah dyslexia through special intervention and instruction.

It is important that Issaquah dyslexia issues be addressed early on. We assure you of the most effective and professional help for overcoming dyslexia. Bring your child to us for:

  • Testing for dyslexia
  • Reading, writing, verbal or math dyslexia assessment
  • Dyslexia diagnosis
  • Dyslexia treatment

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