Reading Disorders Covington

Covington Reading Disorders


Rock Therapeutic Services is the place to visit for individuals having reading disorders in the Covington, WA area. Though reading disorders are not a result of any intellectual shortcoming, those who suffer from these symptoms have to face a number of problems throughout their life.

Covington reading disorders can take the form of slow reading, poor word recognition, fluency difficulty, and comprehension trouble. Sadly, there is no known, specific cause for such disorders, but there is hope!

We strive to ease a patient's life with specialized services for treating Covington reading disorders. Stop your search right here when seeking healthcare facilities offering services for controlling and managing Covington reading disorders.

Visit us to learn more about how we can help patients with the following:

  • Alexia
  • Dyslexia
  • Comprehension learning disability
  • Reading disabilities

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Covington Writing Disorders


We also help children with Covington writing disorders. Development of writing ability is something taken for granted in kids as they grow and continue schooling. Unfortunately, that is when several of them begin to show symptoms of Covington writing disorders.

Issues with handwriting, spelling, and composition are the most common symptoms of Covington writing disorders. Parents and teachers often fail to recognize these problems as writing disorders, pressuring the kids to work harder.

We recommend going in for professional opinion in such cases. If Covington writing disorders are diagnosed, appropriate treatment should be started at the earliest time possible. Our speech-language pathologists work their hardest to help children struggling with these issues:

  • Writing disability
  • Written language disorder
  • Written output disorder
  • Spelling disorder
  • Written expression disorder

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Covington Dyslexia


We offer highly committed and professional services for treating Covington dyslexia patients. This is a kind of reading and writing disorder. Its cause is not known, but Covington dyslexia is generally related to hereditary factors or neurological issues. Incorrect word recognition, erratic reading, and incorrect spelling are the usual characteristics of Covington dyslexia.

At our therapy center, we provide all possible help to our patients for overcoming dyslexia. We have highly qualified therapists working hard at testing for Covington dyslexia and then doing everything necessary for rehabilitation of our dyslexia patients.

Our expert services are available for treatment of different types of dyslexia which include the following:

  • Developmental dyslexia
  • Reading dyslexia
  • Writing dyslexia
  • Math dyslexia
  • Verbal dyslexia

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