Reading Disorders Black Diamond

Black Diamond Reading Disorders


The parents of children with reading disorders in Black Diamond, WA, and elsewhere will agree that handling the situation can be challenging.

While reading disorders primarily hamper the academic progress of these kids, the additional fallouts are a lack of social acceptance and poor self-confidence.

At Rock Therapeutic Services, we recommend that Black Diamond reading disorders be taken seriously and addressed by qualified professionals at the earliest. The parents and teachers must be alert enough to observe signs of Black Diamond reading disorders in their children and students.

We are glad to offer our expert services for diagnosing and treating Black Diamond reading disorders.

Get in touch with us today if a child in your family is struggling with:

  • Reading disabilities
  • Specific reading disorder
  • Comprehension learning disability
  • Alexia
  • Hyperlexia
  • Dyslexia

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Black Diamond Writing Disorders


Our expertise includes treating Black Diamond writing disorders. Reading and writing disorders are generally present together, but it is not always so. We can help children with Black Diamond writing disorders, whether the conditions exist along with another problem or independently.

Children with Black Diamond writing disorders face the challenge of being able to communicate through the written word. Using words that are wrong/inappropriate, spelled incorrectly, or made with improperly spaced and sized letters are typical signs of Black diamond writing disorders.

We have professionals with extensive training and experience in treating patients with:

  • Written expression disorder
  • Disorder of written expression
  • Writing disability
  • Written language disorder
  • Dysgraphia
  • Broca’s aphasia

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Black Diamond Dyslexia


Come to us if you are searching for a competent and dependable professional offering effective help for overcoming Black Diamond dyslexia. Since being founded in 2004, our therapy center has been approached by and has attended to numerous patients needing Black Diamond dyslexia assessment and treatment.

We work with patients with different types of Black Diamond dyslexia.

Dyslexia can result from hereditary or neurological factors and affects the function of the brain in processing language.

Though Black Diamond dyslexia does not impact intelligence, the condition adversely impacts the capability of the patient to identify speech sounds, associate these with words/letters, recognize words, or read fluently.

We offer therapy for:

  • Severe or mild dyslexia
  • Verbal dyslexia
  • Math dyslexia
  • Dyslexia in children
  • Dyslexia in adults

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