Learning Disabilities Auburn

Auburn Learning Disabilities


If you are looking for a speech and language therapy center that can help your child with learning disabilities in Auburn, WA then you are in the right place. There can be several reasons why your child faces learning difficulties. It is essential that you get your child proper help to overcome the learning difficulty at the earliest possible time.

Get in touch with Rock Therapeutic Services to help you manage the Auburn learning disabilities of your child. We are an established clinic and have been helping children overcome Auburn learning difficulties since 2004. Call us when your child is suffering from the following Auburn learning disabilities:

  • Dysgraphia
  • SPLD
  • You can get in touch with us to learn more about our courses and techniques that we use to help children overcome Auburn learning disabilities.

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    Auburn Learning Disability


    It is essential that you provide your child with the right help if he/she has Auburn learning disability. Not being able to cope in class can have a negative effect on children and they may slip into depression.

    Rely on us when you are looking to help your child with an Auburn learning disability. After the initial consultation and conversation, we need to conduct certain tests to assess the type of disability that your child has. Get your child to us for the following tests to diagnose the correct Auburn learning disability:

    • Dysgraphia test
    • Dyslexia assessment
    • Dyspraxia test

    Once the specific learning disability is known, treatment becomes easier and we are able to help your child overcome the disability.

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    Auburn Learning Difficulties


    We are the ideal clinic that can help your child overcome his/her Auburn learning difficulties. As we have helped numerous children in the past, we very well understand how they feel when they are not able to learn as their peers do.

It is very essential to get the tests done early to diagnose the type of disability that your child has. This will help in providing the right treatment which can include cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and family therapy.

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