Language Therapy Snoqualmie

Snoqualmie Language Therapy


At Rock Therapeutic Services we have professional pathologists specialized in speech and language therapy in Snoqualmie, WA. Our comprehensive Snoqualmie language therapy services work with infants, children, adults and seniors.

Through formal and informal assessment tools we will evaluate each case and determine the best language therapy plan that adjusts to your needs. Snoqualmie language therapy provides support for individuals who have difficulties with communication as well as eating, drinking or swallowing. Effective language therapy will improve the quality of your life, your relationships and your self-esteem. We are proficient in an array of Snoqualmie language therapy applications such as:

  • Fluency/Stuttering
  • Auditory processing disorder
  • Social pragmatics
  • Language delays and developmental issues
  • Articulation
  • Autism

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Snoqualmie Language Therapist


A Snoqualmie language therapist will help improve articulation, problem solving, reading and comprehension skills. By providing tools and coping mechanisms, a language therapist will facilitate the expression of feelings, ideas and needs for an individual to be understood by family, friends and strangers. In the case of eating difficulties, the support of a Snoqualmie language therapist will improve swallowing and reduce risks of choking

. Our Snoqualmie language therapist team has qualifications and experience in restructuring oral muscular phonetics, relationship development, verbal behavior techniques and more. Every expert Snoqualmie language therapist in our team can provide exhaustive services and provide appropriate care and treatment such as:

  • Individual language therapist
  • Group language therapy
  • IEP team consultations
  • Language stimulation services

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Snoqualmie Speech Disorders


A language therapist can assess and care for people suffering from a variety of Snoqualmie speech disorders. Snoqualmie speech disorders can manifest due to developmental disabilities or nerve injuries. A person suffering from speech disorders present limitations in their ability to form sounds that allow them to communicate with others

. Interruptions to the flow of speech such as repetitions, blocks or prolongation of sounds and words are common symptoms of speech disorders, triggered by stress, frustration or excitement. Apraxia and dysarthria are types of speech disorders caused by brain damages. Our dedicated pathologists will treat individuals suffering from Snoqualmie speech disorders while also providing education and training for their family to be involved. We offer an integral therapy program to treat Snoqualmie speech disorders, including:

  • Social skills group training
  • Social thinking coursework
  • Developmental play groups
  • Parent support groups

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