Language Pathologist Kent

Kent Language Pathologist


Have you been looking for a trusted language pathologist in Kent, WA? Rock Therapeutic Services is a well-known language therapy specialist providing comprehensive support to children and adults.

A dedicated Kent language pathologist from our team will work with you or your child to effectively get to the root cause of your predicament and help you overcome it at the earliest.

Our Kent language pathologist will help you review the medical and family history to understand any prevalent patterns with the condition. We will also conduct a thorough physical examination to evaluate how the person moves their lips, jaw and tongue.

Based on the severity and the underlying cause, our Kent language pathologist will recommend the ideal treatment methods.

Our language pathologist can expertly cater to several conditions, including:

  • Fluency disorders
  • Speech disorders
  • Communication disorders
  • Swallowing disorders

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Kent Language Therapists


We have emerged as the leading Kent language therapists by consistently delivering an excellent experience to our clients. Our clients have experienced immense benefits through the suggestions provided by our language therapists, greatly enhancing their quality of life.

Therefore, you can undoubtedly count on our Kent language therapists to provide matchless assistance.

Our Kent language therapists have received extensive training to develop a thorough knowledge of several disorders and conditions and gather the necessary skills to address patient needs amicably and effectively.

Our Kent language therapists can help you explore various therapy techniques, including articulation therapy, language intervention activities and others.

Our language therapists can assist you with numerous services, such as:

  • Individual speech-language therapy
  • Small group speech-language therapy
  • Parent education and training
  • Comprehensive speech treatment plans

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Kent Language Pathology


As established Kent language pathology experts, we have amassed incredible experience working with diverse clients over the years. We understand that each patient has unique needs and requires a tailor-made process suited to their condition.

Therefore, you can rely on our Kent language pathology for an efficient diagnosis and treatment plan.

The success rate in the Kent language pathology domain varies between the disorder and age groups. Still, the sooner you get in touch with a therapist, the higher chances you will have to improve communication and boost self-confidence.

You can schedule an appointment with us right away to clarify all your doubts about Kent language pathology.

We can help you deal with several issues related to language pathology, including:

  • Speech delays
  • Cognitive-communicative disorders
  • Voice and resonance disorders
  • Motor speech disorders

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