Dysphagia Maple Valley


Does your child experience persistent coughing or choking when eating? This is just one of the potential symptoms of Dysphagia. Dysphagia means difficulty with swallowing. With Dysphagia your child has to work longer and harder to swallow food or liquids. Your child’s body can tense when trying to eat or swallow. When a child has Dysphagia it can take them 30 minutes or longer to eat. If you suspect your child may have symptoms of Dysphagia call Rock Therapy Services.

We’ll do a complete assessment of your child’s eating patterns. Are they having difficulty communicating during meal time? We’ll help improve their communication through speech therapy. We’ll retrain your child on how to swallow with swallowing rehabilitation. Without proper treatment for Dysphagia your child can have weight loss and growth problems. Visit Rock Therapy Services to relieve your child of Dysphagia symptoms.

Swallowing Issues Maple Valley

  • Speech therapy to improve communication
  • Train them to use gestures and drawings
  • Emotional support for children and their families
  • Cognition and swallowing
  • Swallowing rehabilitation

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