Autism Maple Valley


Autism affects the speech and language skills of children. Autism affects expressive and receptive language. Your child needs to be able to express their own ideas, feelings and desires. This insures their needs get met. Receptive language is the ability to receive and understand information from others. Both are impacted when someone has autism.

Children with autism have speech affected by delayed speech, stuttering and poor articulation. And autism can affect the way your child eats. A child with autism may not be comfortable with chewing or swallowing certain foods. If your child has autism we provide high quality autism speech therapy services.

Autistic Maple Valley

Autism speech therapy improves your child’s expressive and receptive communication skills. Our goal is to help them strengthen their speech and language abilities. Autism will teach your child how to eat and swallow safely. Don’t lose hope for your child communicating clearer. Contact Rock Therapy Services for our autism speech therapy.

  • Strengthens speech and language skills
  • Gives your child more confidence
  • Improves swallowing and eating abilities
  • Helps your child to recognize verbal social cues
  • Improves expressive and receptive languages

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